Top special racist controversies

Here is the top dedicated to racist controversies in football history.


Number 5: Stuart Pearce

The acting coach of the English team made racist remarks about Paul Ince in 1994. Pearce apologized and distanced himself from his brother who belonged to a British far right movement.


Number 4: John Terry

Late 2011, Chelsea’s star player was accused by a Queens Park Rangers supporter of having made racist remarks about Anton Ferdinand during a match. The affair cost Terry his position as captain of the England team.

Number 3: George Weah

After a European Football Championship match in 1996, George Weah and Jorge Costa had a fight in the tunnel of the locker rooms. During it, Weah broke Costa’s nose. He justified this by accusing the Portuguese player of making racist remarks.


Number 2: Samuel Eto’o

In 2006, when he was with Barcelona, the player from Cameroon left the pitch in the middle of a match after several spectators made monkey-like noises. It was Franck Rijkaard, his coach at the time who managed to convince him to continue the match.


Number 1: Luis Suarez

During a Liverpool – Manchester game, Patrice Evra accused Luis Suarez of insulting him. After an investigation Suarez was suspended for 8 matches for racism. To top it all, he refused to shake Evra’s hand at the return match.

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