Top special Cristiano Ronaldo’s cars

Here is the Top special Cristiano Ronaldo’s cars. Let’s take a look at his collection.


Number 5: the Audi RS6.

Cristiano  Ronaldo fell in love with this German car when he first arrived in Madrid in 2009. He didn’t even have to pay or it since his club is sponsored by Audi. He managed to save 120,000 dollars.


Number 4: the Mercedes SLS AMG.

Cristiano Ronaldo first took it for a spin for his son’s christening in June 2011. This Mercedes SLS AMG also appears in Transformers 3. Its special feature? It swing doors. They always make a statement…Cost of this little gem ? 265 000 dollars !


Number 3: the Lamborghini Adventador.

Cristiano Ronaldo got himself this ride for his 27th birthday, making all his Real Madrid team mates green with envy. Not everyone has 465,000 dollars to spend on cars.


Number 2: the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe.

Cristiano Ronaldo totally copied David Beckham’s style in Manchester: first he took his number 7, then he won over the club’s supporters, and finally, he arrived at practice in this sports car worth 570,000 dollars… just like Beckham.


Number 1: the Bugatti Veyron.

You probably remember this Nike commercial: Cristiano Ronaldo racing a Bugatti Veyron. OK, Cristiano didn’t win, but he didn’t exactly lose either. He fell under the spell of this incredible vehicle, which cost –drum roll please- 600,000 dollars.





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