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Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg and the Ultimate Fighting Championship boss, Dana White, bet 20,000 dollars on the NBA finals last June. Snoop bet on the Lakers and Dana bet on Boston. And the West Coast rapper is the one who in the end, but he hadn’t got his winnings …That is, until the two met recently in Las Vegas and Dana finally handed the wad of cash over to Snoop. Better late than never.

Something’s not quite right with DMX. Even the legal system is taking notice. Recently condemned to a one-year prison sentence, the judge ended up sending him to the detention center’s psychiatric ward, on suspicions that he may bipolar. A sad way for the former Ruff Ryders rapper to end his career.

Soulja Boy
He stated on Twitter that he was the author of Willow Smith’s hit, “Whip my hair.” But that isn’t quite true! The author is JukeBox. However, the first sentence of the song is indeed taken from one of Soulja boy’s hits “Turn My Swag On.” He was no doubt an influence, but to claim ownership of the whole song, we’re not buying it Soulja!

Justin Bieber
Fame has its downsides, as Justin and his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, have discovered. When the paparazzi caught the two lovebirds together in the Caribbean, Justin’s fans reacted violently and sent Selena death threats! Hey Girls! Settle down! Enough already!

Katy Perry
We thought she was flawless! We were wrong! Katy Perry recently admitted that she is a very poor dancer… Well, we didn’t want to say anything, but it hadn’t escaped us! But she is a singer after all, that’s already pretty good

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