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5: Alicia Keys
She’s remained a big kid at heart. And to remind herself that there’s more to life than just serious things, the singer carries a pink plush bunny along with her on tour. As long as it doesn’t end up propped up on her piano when she’s performing “Doesn’t mean anything”, Alicia Keys can even have her a dressing room for all her stuffed toys if she likes…

4: Lil Wayne
The former inmate will no longer be performing in New York unless tour promoters are prepared to pay him as much as the members of U2, who make a lot of money. In fact, according to a rather suspicious-looking website, the band has already made 250 dollars since you started reading this news item, less than 30 seconds ago…

3: Rick Ross
Rick Ross and 50 Cent are constantly fighting. Each is out to mark his territory and nab the other guy’s girlfriend. After the nice little video showing Rick Ross’s ex making out with one of Fiddy’s buddies, uploaded and commented by the rapper himself, the gloves are back on. But this time it’s a fair fight: the hustler from the south is reportedly dating the G-Unit rapper’s ex.

2: Nicki Minaj
The Harajuku Barbie may have got her taste for eccentricity from the Japanese. The same cannot be said about her views on law and order, however. During her trip to London – which resembled more a holiday that a promo tour for her album – Nicki Minaj wanted to take a few souvenir snaps…At all costs…Except that the rapper was rapidly called to order by the police.

1: David Guetta
2010 was really his year: the French DJ put Euro dance everywhere and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. After the Black Eyed Peas, Akon, Rihanna, David Guetta has set his heart on Diddy! During a Parisian soirée, the DJ did more than just send Sean Combs a few signals. So, Diddy/Guetta…the future hit of 2011?

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