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5. Kim Kardashian
We now have a little more insight on the celebrity’s relationship with Brandy’s little brother Ray J. In his new book, he unveils some pretty juicy details about their affair. Kim Kardashian dated Ray J while still married to music producer Damon Thomas. And it was very steamy. The singer even writes that they were at it like animals, ready to experiment all sorts of things in bed. Now we understand how their affair ended up on the Internet complete with sextape.

4. Adele
After rumours of an alleged sextape, the singer has decided to sue a French magazine. The publication in question said it was in possession of the singer’s sextape and had pictures to prove it. It turns out that the girl in the photographs was a look-alike. Yes, some people do have principles, eh Kim Kardashian…

3. Robin Thicke
The singer was arrested by New York police at the wheel of his car…He was caught smoking a joint in plain sight while driving. And we all thought you were perfect.

2. Rihanna
The singer has decided to forgive her ex, Chris Brown. The pop star hasn’t done things by halves since the two former lovebirds have decided to record two songs together. Billboard magazine published a letter saying that the singer was a bad example for all victims of domestic abuse, to which the Barbadian answered that she didn’t care what people thought.

1. Justin Timberlake
It would seem that the singer has put a ring on the finger of his fiancée, actress Jessica Biel. During a New York party, guests noticed a big diamond on the actress’s finger. After five years together, despite their ups and downs, we hope this time Justin’s stays with his sweetheart for good.

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