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Number 5, Usher
Grace Miguel, Usher’s girlfriend seems to want to put some order in the singer’s life. Rumour would even have it that she wants to fire all his staff. Usher may sing about love, but it doesn’t seem to be an area in which he excels.

Number 4, Gucci Mane
Rapper Gucci Mane is in trouble again. He has just been arrested for kicking a woman out of his car. The victim reportedly refused to follow the rapper to a motel despite the fact he offered her 150 dollars. Gucci Mane, who is already on probation for another misdemeanour, has cause for concern.

Number 3, Chris Brown
Chris Brown’s new girlfriend, Karrauche Kai, is already the focus of attention: the young lady was photographed several times at the arm of another man. Knowing the singer’s temper, looks like the young lady is playing a dangerous game.

Number 2, Britney Spears
Brtiney Spears’s new video “Till The World Ends” has been sparking controversy since its release. It would seem that the singer used a body double to perform certain dance steps. There is even a video that sets out to reveal the deception. We knew that Britney Spears was a bad singer… but if on top of that she can’t dance. We suggest she change careers. We hear they’re hiring at Starbucks…

Number 1, Lady Gaga
“Judas,” the latest video by pop star Lady Gaga, has not even been released yet and it’s already on everyone’s lips… The singer stated that the video would have a number of references to Catholicism and that its aim was to jostle Christians. That’s all the Catholic League For Religious and Civil Rights needed to react. Its president declared that the singer was using religion to make up for a lack of talent. A controversy that is reminiscent of Madonna’s beginnings.

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