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Number 5, Katy Perry
In a recent interview, the singer admitted she has a rather bizarre habit: she steals things from hotels. Katy Perry is said to have a big collection of towels, shampoo bottles and even pillowcases. She sees this as a way of keeping souvenirs from the countries she visits. So is Katy a bit of a kleptomaniac?

Number 4, Rick Ross
Rick Ross was arrested in his hotel for being in possession of marijuana in the state of Louisiana. Several people who were staying in the same hotel as the rapper contacted the authorities after smelling a scent, which spread throughout the hallways. Released that very night, the rapper probably didn’t even give it a second thought.

Number 3, Eva Longoria
We knew that Eva longoria was determined to move on after Tony Parker by throwing herself into the arms of singer Edouardo Cruz, but we didn’t know how far she was prepared to go. Spotted outside a restaurant in Los Angeles, the actress showed photographers that the tattoo on her wrist, which indicated her wedding date with the basketball player, had simply disappeared. Personal decision or request from her new boyfriend? In any case, her ex is in the past.

Number 2, Amber Rose
Tired of being taken for an easy girl, Kanye West’s ex, Amber Rose, shared her feelings on her Twitter account. Addressing all her critics, she explained that she didn’t understand why so many people had such negative things to say about her, and wanted to do the I’s concerning her alleged relationships. She denies having been with Chris Brown and Drake. The young woman, who is currently dating rapper Wiz Khalifa, would like to change the image we have of her. Maybe she should stop taking suggestive poses in flimsy outfits…

Number 1, Beyoncé
One of Beyoncé’s spokespeople announced that her father, Matthew Knowles, would no longer be her manager. A real turning point in the career of the singer who has worked with her family since her beginnings and saw her father as a real model of success. Apparently the decision was mutual, but some say that the star is turning to management at Roc Nation, husband Jay-Z’s label. We’re not sure her father approves…

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