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Number 5, Justin Bieber
The singer recently lashed out and gave the paparazzi who were chasing his car the finger … Justin Bieber was leaving a restaurant where he had celebrated his 17th birthday with his girlfriend Selena Gomez. His rebellious attitude was short-lived, however: the star quickly apologized via his Twitter account.

Number 4, Chris Brown
With his new single “Look At Me Now”, singer Chris Brown was not kidding. One of his exes put a picture showing him completely naked online. With the upcoming release of his new album, this almost seems like the best way of promoting it, don’t you think?

Number 3, Lupe Fiasco
We all witnessed the success of the track “Nothin on you” by B.O.B, last year. What we didn’t know was that it was initially made for Lupe Fiasco. But his record company didn’t want him to perform the future hit. So the rapper was devastated when the track became such a success. He even had suicidal thoughts. Maybe a bit rash for just a track!

Number 2, Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston is having a tough time as a mother. Her daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, just barely 18, is at the heart of one scandal after another. After making headlines for pictures showing her taking cocaine, the young woman is making news with a sextape. A man reportedly offered American sites a video of the star making love when she was still underage.

Number 1, Rihanna
The artist was seen leaving a sex shop in Australia where she seemed to have bought herself a few things… Her bodyguard was carrying two big bags. After her first video “S&M”, an ode to sadism and masochism, it really looks like the days when Rihanna was an innocent young girl fresh from her native Barbados are long gone.

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