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Number 5 Lil Wayne…
On location in California for a video, the rapper’s computer was stolen. The thief, Marco Negrete, a 20-year-old dancer, thought he’d committed the crime of the century… except that he ended up in jail. Lil Wayne’s Macbook is equipped with a GPS chip…So the police were able to recover it very rapidly.

Number 4 Rihanna
Since she’s become single, Riri has been flirting quite a bit. Her latest crush according to rumors? Actor Ryan Phillippe…or perhaps Colin Farrell with whom she’s been swapping naughty text messages. After nabbing a singer and an athlete, is Rihanna having a go at actors?

Number 3 Kanye West
He’s an outstanding creator. But this time, he messed up! His latest video “All Of The Lights”, directed by Hype Williams, seems to have been freely inspired by the opening credits of French film “Enter the Void”, by Gaspar Noé. After Rihanna’s problems with her video “S&M”, which plagiarized the work of photographer David LaChapelle, it’s Kanye West’s turn to be called a copycat…

Number 2 Justin Bieber
His fans can be a little extreme… By opting for a new haircut, the singer not only lost a few centimeters, he also lost 80,000 followers on Twitter… A mini 2.0 revolution. Who would have thought? Never say never, Justin!

Number 1
Nicki Minaj. The Barbie has turned into a doll that says no no no no no. Nicki does not want to be in a relationship, she does not want to do featurings anymore… And her latest whim? She refuses to take escalators… Luckily, in her videos, she still says “yes”, eh Drake?

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