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Number 5, Rihanna
Her S&M video is still on everyone’s lips. After being banned in 11 countries because of scenes that were deemed too provocative, now it’s at the heart of a legal dispute. The photographer David Lachapelle has decided to sue the singer. Why? The video is too reminiscent of some of his works. Boo the copycat !

Number 4, Destiny’s Child
Kelly Rowland has just celebrated her 30th birthday. For the occasion, what could be better than to remember her glory years with the Destiny’s Child. Beyoncé, her sister Solange, Kelly and Michelle got together for a lunch full of nostalgia…the Independent Women hadn’t met up publicly since 2009…Happy Birthday!

Number 3, Cassie
When she returned from the studio, a surprise was waiting for the singer in her hotel room: a drunken man. She called the police for help, the stranger was tazed and kicked out…He didn’t steal anything, but just terrified the lovely Cassie Ventura who still found the time to share the whole story on Twitter…Terrified but still connected.

Number 2, Justin Bieber
He spends most of his time in LA and has made a fortune in the United States. Yet, Bieber does not want to become American. He is Canadian and proud of it and wouldn’t change that for anything in the world. Why? Because of the healthcare system! In his homeland, medicare is free, contrary to the United States… “Your whole life, you’re broke because of medical bills”…Wow Justin, so young and already to lucid!

Number 1, JayBe.
Oh no ! The most powerful couple in R&B is said to have separated. The reason of this millionth breakup announced everywhere on the internet, Jay-Z wants kids, contrary to Be …except that this latest rumour has been denied by the couple. What a relief. No harm done.

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