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Nicki Minaj is so sexy that Rihanna has trouble controlling herself! While shooting the video for their duet track “Fly,” the two stars exchanged tweets full of naughty innuendo. If the clip is as hot as the one for “Te Amo,” it should definitely be something. Rihanna, recently single, already put a hand on Nicki’s bum at the American Music Awards … Stay tuned.

Nas & Kelis.
Blame it on the crisis in the record industry… Alimony paid by Nas to his ex-wife Kelis has been divided by half! Dear oh dear … 2010 was a difficult year for the struggling rapper… So, now it’s Kelis’ turn to suffer… The singer will only be getting 25,000 dollars instead of 50… She’s going to need to make a whole lot of eurodance hits with David Guetta!

Gucci Mane
He just spent ten days in a psychiatric hospital to assess his mental health. To celebrate his release, Gucci has decided to get a tattoo… A huge ice cream cone with 3 scoops on his right cheek. Upon reflection, maybe he should return to the hospital after all… No?

Jay-Z & Beyoncé
They’re on the cover of the new issue of Ebony. And in it, we learn that the most powerful couple in the recording industry actually lead a really simple life. Indeed, one of their favorite activities…is watching movies in their pajamas. What a relief. They are human after all!

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