Top 5 – Gossip of the Week

5. Chris Brown
The singer stole one of his fan’s mobile phones. Apparently she was trying to take a picture of him as he exited a Miami nightclub. She’s suing Chris Brown for mobile phone theft and he faces a jail sentence.

4. Lil Kim
Watch out…Here’s one hypnotic video for lovers of big booty. Lil Kim’s having trouble getting back to music and will do anything to get attention. During one concert, the rapper invited several women to join her on stage for a very steamy dance on Rihanna and Chris Brown’s song “Birthday Cake.“

3. Wiz Khalifa
The rapper is close to his mother! Very close! The two share everything…even joints! To celebrate his birthday in style, Wiz Khalifa and his mother partied together…with plenty of alcohol and weed.

2. Lady Gaga
The star is very active in her foundation that seeks to help young people accept themselves as they are because she used to be bullied at school. According to her mother, the star had a traumatic childhood because of her individuality. It’s hard being Gaga.

1. Lil Wayne
We thought he’d stayed sober since coming out of prison. Guess again. During an interview with an American journalist, he was completely drunk. He couldn’t put two words together…We are not impressed Lil Wayne!

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