Top 5 ‘Gossip’ of the Week!

Number 5 of the top Gossip this week… Teyana Taylor
The rapper fought with a stripper in a Miami club. Apparently the stripper didn’t take kindly to all the attention Teyana was getting from club-goers. After a few blows and broken glass the situation returned to normal. C’mon girls…settle down!

Number 4 – Tyga
The rapper was shot at…During a concert, an audience member threw several projectiles at Tyga who offered to take it outside. Outside, a fight broke out and shots were fired towards the star’s tour bus. In the end, two people were slightly injured. Next time don’t respond your audience’s stupid taunts!

Numero 3 – Jessie J
The singer is rumoured to be dating rapper Tinie Tempah. They’ve been spotted together several times and a few of the singer’s friends said that she spent a few nights with him in his London house. Watch out Jessie J, going out with another celebrity is risky business…Just ask your buddy Rihanna.

Number 2 – Lil Wayne                         
The rapper got a fine for not mowing his lawn. New Orleans authorities considered that the rapper’s lawn was unkempt and issued him a citation. Poor Lil Wayne, he’s going to have to buy a lawnmower.

Number 1 – Jay–Z
Model couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé have apparently banned singer Rihanna from seeing their daughter Blue Ivy. They do not approve of her recent reconciliation with her ex, Chris Brown. You heard right Riri, Beyoncé’s not kidding…If you’re not perfect, get out!

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