Tony Parker “Air Lifts” in Olympics Commercial

French basketball sensation Tony Parker starred in a recently released commercial for the 2012 London Olympics. The scene starts in the San Antonio Spurs point guard’s kitchen as he rifles through a cabinet, pulls out a bag of flour, digs his hands into it and rubs them together. Then, as if preparing for a game, he struts outside onto a porch, ducks down and strains to “airlift” a non existent barbell. Cheers of encouragement can be heard in the background as Parker struggles with the invisible weights above his head.

The commercial is promoting Eurostar’s “AirSports” competition, which asks contestants to film themselves performing any Olympic sport “air guitar-style;” the winners will receive tickets to this summer’s London Olympics. Tia Hellebaut starred in a similar ad in the series which shows the track star “air boxing.”

Check out Tony Parker’s clip below.

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