TI: Marvin Gaye’s family asked him for money for his cameo on “Blurred Lines”

Marvin Gaye’s family did not finish digging in the pockets of the artists behind “Blurred Lines” yet. After Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams who had to pay $7.3 million to the family after the lawsuit, it’s now TI‘s turn to cut the check!$7.3 Million is apparently not enough for them! After digging in the pockets of Robin and Pharrell, the descendants of Marvin Gaye are now filing a lawsuit against TI for his appearance in the song “Blurred Lines”. Although TI was not in the studio during the writing of the song with Pharrell and Robin, he still dropped a verse on the track, which is enough for a lawsuit.According to a source, the Gaye’s family would not stop there, since they would also attack the labels that produced the song. They want to stop the distribution until the family gets the rights above and earn even more money with royalties.And as if the Gaye family was not satisfied yet, they are now claiming that Pharrell Williams’ hit single “Happy” is also an interpolation of a Marvin Gaye’s song. To be continued…Do you think TI will be forced to pay for his appearance?

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