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This Kim Kardashian lookalike is breaking the internet !

Kim Kardashian has made a few headlines on tabloids over the last fews days because of the recent birth of her son named Saint. Well, it seems that the bombshell’s name will keep on fueling the comment sections of urban blogs. Indeed, Kim has a doppelgänger who looks so alike that even Kanye would confuse her with his wife. Pouting lips, long black hair, and voluptuous curves, the copy resembles so much the original that it puzzles everyone. This Canadian blogger, who goes by the name of Kamïlla Osman (yeah, her name starts with a K as well) has become the new Instagram sensation thanks to her…Selfies. She even emulated her model’s art of narcissism. With her nude tones outfits reminiscing Yeezy‘s collection and her outrageous make up she’s definitely doing her best to look like the original Kimand won’t stop eliciting comments and reactions.

Do you think she really looks like Kim? Do you prefer Kim or Kamïlla?

Peep the pictures below:

| 79k😍 Une photo publiée par kamïlla ōsman (@kamiosman) le 22 Déc. 2015 à 13h16 PST

| I love all of 32k of you .. Wow that was quick 😅 sc:kamii.kk

Une vidéo publiée par kamïlla ōsman (@kamiosman) le 6 Déc. 2015 à 10h55 PST

Her instagram :

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