The worst marriage proposals not to try on Valentine’s day

Sorry guys but not everybody can have Beyoncé‘s perfect life! And with Valentine’s day coming, you have great chances to see pictures featuring engagement rings florish on your timelines. Indeed, some of you may think “hey why not propose to the woman of my life on Valentine’s day like they do in the movies”. Yes but no! In real life things can turn quickly into big fails and a big moment of loneliness. Here are some proposals you should not try at all!

Close to a wild sea

Propose close to the sea stays a classic in terms of love. But check the weather before you do it.

Propose on the water

Still the water but now on. Be careful any sudden moves can turn everything in a big fail!

In front of thousands of people and TV cameras

Propose in front of a massive crowd and even TV cameras, is as brave as mindless! And Tracy McGrady is laughing at you.

At the mall

Propose where you met your soulmate is cool but at the mall it looks a bit cheap. And people watching you can make your fiancee very stressfull and leave you alone in a middle of a crowd who is still wondering what the fuck is happening.

When Kanye proposed to Kim, he would have watch at all these proposals beyond and told to himself “let’s do worse than that”. So he booked a stadium, an orchestra and a bunch of VIP. You know the rest of the story…

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