The Williams sisters won’t be shopping in London

The Williams sisters are in the house! The two tennis stars arrived in London on Tuesday after a very long trip. The Bryan brothers had an even longer journey when they found they couldn’t get into the Olympic Stadium, apparently there were problems with their accreditation!

Venus and Serena though were still on top form for their first press conference. Venus Williams spoke first “I’m here representing the US head to toe, hair to fingernails; it’s so much fun when, we are proud of where we come from, when this week comes around. It’s just fun and amazing to just represent, I just feel that way so I’m doing it.”

The Williams’ other passion is of course fashion and shopping. So, is London their favorite place to hit the shops? Venus answered that question, saying “We both obviously had spent sometime in the London area, but I think Serena loves Paris and I love Rome. In terms of shopping, that pound has always been so strong, i shied away from a lot of shopping here. I’m getting down for the American dollar, it has a bigger impact.” 

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