The Simmons Sisters

Fashion entrepreneurs and reality TV stars Angela and Vanessa Simmons are pledging their support for the earthquake victims in Haiti.

The girls, who are friends of Haitian hip hop star Wyclef Jean, have announced that they will deliver through official relief efforts, donations in form of Pastry shoes and clothing for the children. “Being able to give Pastry shoes and clothes to these kids during such a devastating and critical time is our way of helping and showing support when it’s needed most,” shared Angela Simmons. Vanessa Simmons follows by saying, “We can all do something to help. Pastry has chosen to give Haiti’s kids who are displaced and vulnerable to this heart-breaking situation. We pray that they will overcome this unfortunate and horrible tragedy.” The girls also urged their fans to do the same by donating whatever they have to help those in need.

Angela and Vanessa Simmons are the daughters of Joseph Simmons, known as “Rev Run” of the legendary New York 80’s hip hop group “Run DMC.” The girls are also the nieces of hip hop impresario Russel Simmons who co-founded the label “Def Jam” and created the urban fashion clothing line “Phat Farm.”

In the spring of 2007, the girls debuted their shoe line “Pastry Shoes” and soon after launched their clothing line. Today “Pastry,” a feminine but sporty line, is a global brand of footwear, clothes and accessories. The line is a favorite of many celebrities including R&B singer Keri Hilson and rapper Trina.

Recently, the Simmons sisters also announced that they will launch a line called “Pastry Pop Stars” that will feature a collection of shoes accompanied by a website dedicated to young girls. The collection is expected to be available in stores in February.

Written by Roberte Varasse

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