The Game VS Jay Z

If you have been keeping up with the latest hip-hop news for the last few days you might have heard of The Game slamming Jay Z. The Game a native from Compton, CA, did not really surprise anyone when he dropped a dis record that was aimed at Jay-Z.

The beef started earlier this month when Jay-Z rapped the intro of his new album the “Blueprint 3 LP” at several shows. In his rapping Jay-Z said, “I ain’t talkin’ about Game/ I ain’t talkin’ about Jimmy [Jones]/ I ain’t talkin’ about Dame/ I’m talkin’ about real sh– them people playin’/ What is you talkin’ about? I don’t know what y’all sayin.”

It didn’t take long for the West coast rapper to reply to the Brooklyn native via twitter. The Game twitted by saying that he was not interested to get back at Jay-Z but a few days later at different shows that the rapper was headlining overseas, he taunted the crowd by saying, “F— Jay-Z…[he’s] “too old.”

Following his comments, the rapper released on July 4th, a track called “I’m So Wavy” via internet. The Game rapped, “You got cheese and I kill rats.” He then continued by disrespecting Jay-Z ‘s wife singer Beyonce: “Do something with that/ Or respond to this/ With them big-ass lips, you got my name in your mouth …”

Even Drake and Kanye West’s girlfriend Amber Rose were insulted. Of Rose the rapper said to Kanye, “Yes my n—a, so, I’m gonna give him some advice/ Get rid of Amber Rose/ I’mma tell you how she get down/ I was at Diddy’s afterparty/ Sippin’ Cris, she was whispering at Chris Brown/ I seen Chris turn his head like, ‘No’/ Then ‘Gold Digger’ came on, I pointed like, Ho!”

The Game has never shy away from a beef either with 50 Cent, G-Unit or R&B singer Mya but this time, he’s going after Jay-Z a rap pillar in the industry and a man that he once called and considered his influence. Let’s wait and see how this situation will pan out.

Written by Valerie V.

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