The Game: He has been rapping the same freestyle for 4 years!

Freestyling is an art, and it can sometimes even more difficult than rapping, isn’t it The Game? When the Compton rapper signed to Aftermath Entertainment, The Game was considered as a prodigy, and his album The Documentary confirmed he is very talented. Nevertheless, his freestyle skills are not at the same level as his rapping skills.

Indeed, a user on Reddit’s HipHopHeads discovered his repetitive rhymes and found five Game freestyles from 2011 to 2015 where he spits a variation of the same exact freestyle during each show! On the radio, during his concert, or special events, The Game just recycled his lyrics, without any variations.

Is The Game lacking of inspiration?

Here are the videos of Game’s freestyle:

Freestyling is definitely something difficult.

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