The fall of River Plate

For the first time in its 110-year history, River Plate, the legendary Argentinian club from the Northern barrio of Buenos Aires, is experiencing the disappointment of relegation. « Los Millonarios » failed to save their place in the 1st division following two matches against Belgrano.

This year, River Plate faced financial hardship, forcing its former-president José Maria Aguilar to leave the club with a debt of over $10 million. He was replaced by former River star and coach, Daniel Passerella. But he failed to boost a club whose results have been dropping since 2008.

Following its match against Belgrano at Monumental, River supporters caused a lot of trouble and riots around the stadium. They also invaded the field before the end of the game. Clashes with the police are said to have left over 70 people injured.

River Plate will have to start over from scratch.

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