The Cleveland Show

Just when no one thought there were no more black shows on television, “The Cleveland Show” an upcoming animated series that is scheduled to premiere on FOX for the fall 2009-2010 line-up is already attracting the attention of fans of comedy.

The show a spin-off from “Family Guy” focuses on the character of Cleveland Brown and his family as he moves from Rhode Island to the fictional town of Stoolbend, Virginia.

His family is comprised of his new wife, Donna, her 16-year-old daughter, Roberta, her 5-year-old son, Rallo and his 14-year -old son Cleveland Jr. It also includes Cleveland’s neighbors a family of talking anthropomorphic bears, a redneck couple and a British family, and one of his son’s soccer rivals that is voiced by rapper Kanye West.

With Mike Henry as Cleveland Brown/Rallo, Sanaa Lathan as Donna Tubbs, Reagan Gomez-Preston as Roberta Tubbs and Kevin Michael Richardson as Lester/Cleveland Jr. the animated show will bring another sense of Déjà vu to the aficionado of TV comedy.

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