Pain is featured on upcoming tracks from Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson and Rick Ross. In addition, he’s co-producing Omarion‘s next set with Timbaland. He’s also producing a group called Girlfriend, plus Tay Dizm and Nappy Headz, his original group.

Putting other groups on hasn’t slowed the hitmaker’s own grind. He’s produced at least four Usher tracks to be released on Usher’s upcoming album, and Pain’s also “99%” confirmed for Kanye West’s “Glow in the Dark tour”, which is scheduled to begin in late February/March 2008. That’ll be followed by Pain’s own tour after releasing his next, yet-to-be-titled album in summer 2009.

In addition to the music, T-Pain’s working on his own line of “Oil Can” frames through Oakley Shades.

You better get used to seeing him ’cause it looks like Pain is about to be everywhere!


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