South African newspaper Sunday World says that T-Pain’s October 16th performance at the Macufe Youth Festival left local talent feeling less than appreciated. The article, titled “T-Pain in the ass for local Musos” alleges that when the wacky singer hit the stage, local artists and media were prohibited from being near the stage, with one TV station barred from even filming the performance.

“Award-winning Afro- house group Rhythmic Elements and JR, among others, were yanked out of the backstage facility in which they changed their clothes to make way for T-Pain, who didn’t want to share the space with the local lot,” according to Sunday World.

Singer Thembi Seete, a star in her own right, said “I wasn’t allowed to stand next to the stage when T-Pain was performing. It is sad that these US artists think they are all that and treat local artists the way they treated us.”

T-Pain has not responded to the allegations.

Written by Shaira Brereton

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