That’s right, he’s back. The Grammy winner/rapper, T.I. announced on his website on April 15 that his new album, “King Uncaged” will be released on August 24.

From his first interview since his prison completion, T.I. described his new album direction. “Paper Trail was a lot more about thoughts and this is more about feelings. This is significantly more aggressive. It’s going hard like classic T.I.”

T.I.’s latest single, “I’m Back” is properly entitled due to the positive feedback it has received. “In my absence, it was a lot of things that went down, a lot of matters that needed to be addressed. This was the greatest platform for me to do it. It was the first song I did when I came home,” stated T.I.

T.I. also released a promo trailer for an upcoming mixtape that he has with DJ Drama and DJ MLK. Drama described the quality of “King Uncaged” as “being so dope that it’s ridiculous.”

Written by Francesca Cange

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