Swizz Beatz may be summoned in Megaupload court case

Swizz Beatz may be summoned in the ongoing Megaupload court case. The prominent file storage site was shut down in January for permitting piracy, however prosecution came to a halt because Megaupload is not based in the United States, and is therefore not under the country’s legal jurisdiction.

In an attempt to continue the case, U.S. Attorney Neil MacBridge cited Swizz as one of the company’s CEOs, writing in a legal document recently published by Complex.com “After Defendant Dotcom became Defendant Megaupload’s Chief Innovation Officer, the company appears to have employed at least two Chief Executive Officers in the United States: first David Robb and then Kasseem David Dean (also known as Swizz Beatz).”

Swizz was listed as the company’s CEO on its now defunct website, but so far hasn’t collaborated with authorities in their investigation; unfortunately for him a legal summons may change that.

David Woodson

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