Street Art – Graffiti

The biggest graffiti auctions of 140 international artists untitled “Street Art – Graffiti,” will be held in Paris for the first time ever first on June 20th @ La Cigale in Paris.

With over 270 pieces of art from the more emblematic artists to the more contested ones, fanatic of graffiti will have no problem finding the gems they are looking for.

As for the fine connoisseurs they will be able to appreciate some of the rare and hunted collections from artist such as Futura 2000, WK Interact, Keith Haring, Tracy 168, Crime 79, Nasty, 93 MC, Colors, Bando, Misstic, Toxic, Basquiat, Cope2 and TKid.

Throughout the auction house graffiti catalogs will also be on display for those who are looking to enhance their connaissance of this form of art; and for the fans that are looking to buy one of these fine pieces it will cost them about 1.000eu up to 15.000eu.

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