Soulja Boy’s new album

Even a plethora of Twitter fans didn’t boost sales for a rapper who spent much energy and time online.

With 2.5 million Twitter followers, Soulja Boy barely made it to 13,000 sales during the first week for his most recent album, “The DeAndre Way,” according to

On November 30, Soulja Boy released his album, only to be ranked number 90 on Billboards 200 list. This seems to prove that the number of Twitter followers does not translate over to the success of an artist or album. Or followers are just not paying attention. Either way, Soulja Boy didn’t get the numbers to prove the loyalty of his fan base.

He is most popularly known for his one hit single, “Crank Dat (Soulja Boy), with 4.6 million downloads and ranked as the 14th best-selling digital song. But his hit single from the album “The DeAndre Way,” called “Pretty Boy Swag” only received 590,000 downloads after it went on sale in June.

One would assume that fans are aware of the release of Soulja Boy’s album. On the day the album was up for sales, the artist posted an estimated 70 Tweets. Twenty of them were related to his album and had a link to direct followers to iTunes.

This seems to show that despite a wide following online, artists such as Soulja Boy can’t muster up enough sales for his album. Maybe his fans are not interested in his music anymore?…

By Catherine

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