Soulja Boy in Slammer for Weed and Weapons

Soulja Boy and four other men were arrested early this morning about 20 miles west of Atlanta, Georgia after police found “a felony amount” of marijuana, “a substantial amount of cash,” and several possibly unlicensed guns in their vehicle.

At around 2:30 a.m. the rented Cadillac Escalade that DeAndre Cortez Way and his entourage were traveling in was stopped for a simple traffic violation, authorities claimed they smelt weed wafting from the car and conducted a search that surfaced cash, grass and guns. A police spokesperson denied reports that $70,000 was seized and said all of the detainees were “very cordial” and cooperated during the arrests. The Chicago born rapper has been charged with three felonies, is currently being held in Carroll County, Georgia, and will appear in court later today.

Coincidentally “Soulja Boy: The Movie,” a documentary detailing the 21-year-old’s rise to stardom via the internet, is slated for release today.

Several hours prior to his incarceration, Pretty Boy Swag tweeted “Today is gonna be busy and huge very historical lots of interviews to be done.”

David Woodson 

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