Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown… Celebrities with criminal records

The stars are far from having a healthy lifestyle! Alcohol, drugs, excessive driving, fights, they don’t escape tthe common men’s problems and sometimes it happens that some of them end up in jail! TRACE has selected for you our finest bandits.

Snoop DoggHe’s no stranger to the law; Snoop Dogg has a criminal record well provided! Most often accused of possession of marijuana, it also happens that the rapper forget to pay his taxes! Here some examples of charges that the rapper drags to his feet.1990 : Cocaine traffic
1993 : Murder
2006: Arrested in LaX airport for having a bat
2006: arrested for possession of guns and marijuana
2006: arrested for possession of guns and marijuana and cocaine
2012: arrested for possession of marijuana
2012: arrested for possession of marijuana
2009: arrested for taxes fraudEminemEminem doesn’t have what we could call a love story with justice. Often accused of being a misogynist or promoting violence, the god rapper made people speak about him in the for threatening to rape Iggy Azalea.2000: arrested for possession of guns and agression over a bouncer
2001: arrested for possession of gunsChris BrownChris Brown has been declared “incapable of staying out of troubles” by the US court. He’s infamous for being violent over women, and he got charges against him for fighting.

2009: 1000 hours of community works for having beaten his girlfriend Rihanna
2012: Arrested for a fight with Drake in a night club
2013: Arrested for a fight with Frank Ocean
2014: Sent into a rehab camp to fight his problem with drugs and women
2014: Expelled of the rehab camp for having sex with an employeeBritney SpearsThe singer went through a lot of ups and downs. She had hit bottom in 2007 because of drug addiction (including amphetamine and methamphetamine). She even shaved her head to avoid anti-drug hair testing. Since that, she’s coming up, but justice doesn’t forget anything.

2013: In court for having broke a dancer nose
2012: In court for sexual harassement over her bodyguard
2012: In court for consummation of amphetamines and Cristal MethParis HiltonParis Hilton is not a first degrees murderer, but it seems that she has some problems with alcohol and cars. We know her several arrests for failure to license or driving while intoxicated…2006: Arrested for drunk driving
2007: Arrested for driving without licenceRick rossThe provocation’s king is the kind of man to throw 1 million dollar in the air in a night club for his birthday. The former correctional officer has to deal often with justice for possession and consumption of marijuana.2006: Arrested for consummation of marijuana in a palace hotel Jay ZJay Z was a dealer when he was a young adult. He used to sell cocaine, marijuana and crack in the hood. He recently made the news on Fox news for being called a “crack dealer”.Lil WayneLil Wayne is also known like Snoop Dogg or others rappers to smoke a lot of weed and drink cough syrup all day long, but even if he didn’t get busted for this, he is often called to court because of many problems with intellectual property with songs and labels.2007: Arrested for possession of guns, drugs and a large amount of dollars
2008: Arrested for possession of 41g of ecstasy, 105g of marijuana and 29g of cocaine2 Chainz

2 Chainz is also a rapper who like smoking trees and drinking codeine (which is present in cough syrup). He has been busted several times in airports, and he also went to a drug program.

2013: Arrested in LAX airport for possession of marijuana and promethazine
2013: Arrested in New York airport for possession of a brass knuckles
2014: Sent into a camp to detox himself for drugs addictionJustin BieberYoung Justin Bieber faced his puberty like anyone else. He met alcool and drugs and did things every teens do by his age. But he also like driving fast and rants about a superior strength (like cops and justice). Since, he has been reported quitting drugs and alcool, good for him!2014: Arrested in Miami for drag racing, consummation of alcool and marijuana
2015: Arrested for dangerous driving

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