Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg recently sat down with The Sun to speak about his re-unification with the United Kingdom, the royal family, and the 2012 Olympics. ‘The Doggfather’, currently touring sold out venues across the country, had his U.K. privileges reinstated this year following a 2007 denial due to a hustle at Heathrow, involving his associates and airport security, the prior year. Snoop started with his respect for the royal family “Kate and Wills, oh wow, what a couple. They need to make some babies soon to give the Queen some great grandkids. They’re going to be beautiful babies.” The MC went on, musing “Perhaps I’ll record them their own baby-making music.” The ‘Doggystyle’ rapper will return this Fall for a second tour; afterwords he might acquire another crib or two “I want to buy a place here. I’d probably choose Manchester or London, or both.” Snoop attested he would return to attend the entire London Olympics “I can’t wait for it. I’m a big, big sports fan. I love it.” By David Woodson

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