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In this year of hip-hop, age proves to be nothing but a number. With a strong grip on the game, this doggy seems to have a pretty strong bite. Closing the year out right, West Coast hip-hop veteran Snoop Dogg is set to release his upcoming tenth studio album “Malice N Wonderland.” Taking a different route from his last experimental release “Ego’ Trippin,” Snoop turns to the biggest hit-makers in the industry for a mass appealing back-to-the-basics album.

“Malice N Wonderland” promises to give the fans holiday ear candy. Snoop’s distinctive “G-funk” style will join some of today’s top producers and artists for versatile features and production. The first single “Gangsta Luv” features production from the 2009 beat making team The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, who also have another track on the album. The third single, “I Wanna Rock” produced by Dr. Dre, features samples from the classic hip-hop record “It Takes Two” by Rob Base. Producers The Neptunes, Timbaland, and Lil’ Jon are also some masterminds behind the beast of an album. Collaborations represent a variety of sounds ranging from Soulja Boy to Jazmine Sullivan to R.Kelly.

Snoop will be shooting a short “Malice N Wonderland” thriller to accompany the musical release. In a plot similar to his 2001 movie “Bones,” Snoop will portray a gangster superhero, where a lot of blood, crime and music will be present. The movie is set to feature Jamie Foxx, who will play a story-telling emcee. Although the movie is directly linked to the studio album, the “Malice N Wonderland” film will be released separately in early 2010.

“Malice N Wonderland” is set for release today, December 8th.

Written By Shabazz

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