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After what seemed like a never-ending battle with the U.K. immigration authorities, rapper Snoop Dogg was finally granted a visa a couple weeks ago and allowed to tour the country again. This decision came at a wonderful time, as the Cali-based rapper has been billed to preform at the renowned Glastonbury Festival, a concert in London’s Hyde Park, and many other shows and festivals.

But just as Snoop Dogg’s relations with the U.K. was starting to looking up, the Long Beach rapper is now facing even more issues in Europe. Authorities have recently taken him off the Parkpop Festival’s bill in the Netherlands. The concert planned in The Hague on June 27 was meant to have Snoop on as a major headliner but the mayor of the Dutch city and law enforcement officials believed that his presence would be inconsistent with the “open and friendly character” of the festival.

Organizers aren’t too happy with the replacement of the Doggfather either. “This is all very annoying that the headliner is being removed from the program 10 days before the event,” the spokesperson for the festival told the media. Snoop Dogg’s management released a statement, saying that he is “astonished by the decision of the mayor of the Hague.”

Written by Michael Wash

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