A few days after being released from prison in a 1999 nightclub shooting case, rapper Shyne denied Diddy’s recent comments to a New York radio that they had spoken and that he was “in good spirits.”

The promising rapper who had his career cut short after he was sentenced to 10 years in jail has obviously not made peace with his former mentor, whom he accused of betraying him during the trial. According to sources, the 30-year old rapper was shocked by his former mentor‘s allegations. He stated that the mogul never had such conversation with him and that he was surprised to hear Diddy talking about something that “never occurred.”

To make it clear, Shyne also retaliated by declaring that him and Diddy have not reconciled and that the conversation was actually a figment of his former mentor’s imagination. In a media report released last week the rapper explained that Diddy never spoke with him and for the two of them to even engage in a conversation would be only if the mogul would decide to step up and do the right things for the victims of that fatal incident.

Numerous potential opportunities for a comeback in the music industry are waiting for the Brooklyn-based rapper. However, it is uncertain what the immediate future holds for him. He is no longer affiliated to any major record labels and rumors stating that he signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label have proven to be unsubstantiated. Another rumor recently mentioned Shyne could be signing with westcoast rapper The Game’s Black Wall Street Records imprint. But despite the confusion as to whom might sign the convicted MC, his fate currently lies in the hands of a U.S. Immigration judge who will decide if the rapper should remained in the United States or be deported to his native Belize.

Shyne’s father, Belize’s Prime Minister, took his son’s side on Friday, Oct. 9, asking NY’s governor for a pardon in the case, which would enable the rapper, born Jamal Barrow, to pursue his career in the US.

Written by Valerie V.

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