Sex & The City 2

The track list is set. Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis and Erykah Badu are just a few of the artists slated to appear on the soundtrack of “Sex and the City 2.” Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays lead character Carrie, will even contribute vocals to the soundtrack. Expect to hear some of your favorite, familiar songs along with new material.

The album lineup begins with Alicia Keys, who performs a cover of Blondie’s 1980s classic “Rapture.” The song will be a mash-up with the original “SATC” theme song. Alicia’s track “Empire State of Mind (Part 2),” which appeared on her latest album, is also included on the soundtrack. In a surprise move from out of left field, Liza Minelli has reportedly covered Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” for the record, while Jennifer Hudson, who played Carrie’s assistant in the first movie, sings a duet with Leona Lewis. Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat” is also included on the soundtrack. Even though a few male artists will contribute, the soundtrack already sounds like it will be packed with girl power!

Fans of the popular HBO franchise will be able to pick up the movie’s soundtrack two days before “SATC2” hits US theatres on May 27. The movie will be released internationally at the beginning of June.

“Sex and the City” and urban music have been allied since the series first began in 1998. Songs by artists like Missy Eliott and French rapper MC Solaar were featured in episodes for television. Moreover, tracks from Fergie, Ciara, India.Arie, Run DMC, Estelle and many others appeared on the two soundtracks of the first movie.

Written by Raluca & Shaira

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