Serena Williams Doesn’t like Sensitive men

Serena Williams wanted to be Venus growing up! That’s just one of the many revelations made in her interview with
 French sports daily L’Equipe, as the French Open gets underway.

Even the greatest champions suffer from sibling rivalry. But don’t worry, that’s all in the past! Nowadays, Serena is happy! She’s learnt to love her body and is proud to be black. Even if, according to her, a lot of black people would prefer to be white, that isn’t her case. She says she’s proud of what she represents to African Americans.

In this tell-all interview, Serena Williams discussed being a woman and declared that she wouldn’t want to be a man for anything in the world…She enjoys shopping and clothes too much. But if she were a man, she’d be gay…the American athlete can’t imagine living without a man.

But if there’s one thing she’s sure of is that it’s a man’s world. The tennis player explained that she had to surround herself with men to be respected in the business. She then discussed her love life, skimming over her recent painful break-up, and explaining that she doesn’t like men who are too sensitive. She can’t stand a man who cries in front of her. You heard it here first gentlemen!

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