Serena is done dating for the next decade

Serena Williams says no to romance! The former world tennis number one has decided she doesn’t want anything to do with men for the next ten years! No more dates, no more flirting…it’s abstinence from here on out! The American athlete explained that she needed to take a break following recent love trouble. The champ bared her soul in a real heart to heart: she’s apparently too romantic, too passionate in relationships and she gives them everything she’s got…perhaps too much in fact.

She feels she’s suffered too much from heartbreak of late and doesn’t want to go through all that again, not for the next decade at least. She says she wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Serena Williams didn’t go so far as to disclose who put her in such a state, but the culprit could be rapper Common, whom she dated for a couple of tumultuous years.

But there is a fine line between actions and words, so who knows how long Serena will hold out for? Only time will tell!

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