Screamfest 07′

After kicking off in New Orleans at the beginning of this month, Screamfest ’07 stars headliners T.I. and Ciara, with Yung Joc, LLoyd and T-Pain.
But during last night’s show at Madison Square Garden in New York City, where unexpected guests often show up during hip-hop and R&B shows, there was one of those hip-hop moments that everyone always want to say they witnessed firsthand.

It started during Ciara’s set, when frequent Scream Tour guest 50 Cent came out to perform on the song “Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone.” But what was next sent the sold out New York crowd into a frenzy as 50 brought out G-Unit members in good standing – LLoyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Mobb Deep to do his hit “I Get Money.”

Since Curtis is the self-proclaimed King of New York, you would think he’d have the night’s biggest moment. But the self-proclaimed King of the South, T.I. had other plans. As the tour’s headliner, he must have decided that he had the inside track to the starpower. During his set, the Atlanta-based rapper did not just his hits, but had Wyclef Jean strumming the national anthem.

Then the two did “My Swag” which led Wyclef to run through the crowd. But that was hardly the biggest moment. When the opening chords of “Watch What You Say” started, a banner mysteriously appeared with Jay-Z’s hands doing the trademark Dynasty sign.
Of course, you know what that meant. Jay-Z himself stepped onstage to a thunderous ovation and did his verses on the song with T.I. After that was done, what came next? Kanye West, who did his own song “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” with backup from 50 Cent and Diddy, yes, 50 Cent and Diddy.

But that wasn’t it. Jay-Z then proceeded to do his own smash “Encore,” and you can figure how that went over with the already frenzied NYC crowd. Then, not to be denied was Swizz Beats, who took his turn doing “Money In the Bank.”

Who said there was a beef between 50 and ye’?

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