Samue Eto’o top 5 craziest spendings

Samuel Eto’o turns 34 years old today. Known for his genius moments on the pitch during his great career, the Cameroon striker who plays for Sampdoria now, is also known for his craze when it comes to luxurious purcharses. Cars, house, clothes, jewelry, nothing stops Eto’o. The one who was for a moment the best paid player in the world likes to spend his fortune as he wants to. Here’s a little best of his craziest spendings!

An haunted manor!

When he landed to Genoa this winter to play for Sampdoria, Samuel Eto’o has decided to buy a €25 millions manor. But this is not only that, because rumours in Genoa say, this huge house is haunted since his founder Lord Carnarvon died by a mosquito bite. Carnarvon was responsible for the discovery of Toutankhamon grave and people think the pharaoh spirit still lives in this house. Carnarvon nephew later died of a fall in the stair and a model who owned the house in 2001 disappeared. But all this doesn’t worried Samuel.

Capture d'écran de la maison hantée de Samuel Eto'o sur le site du Telegraph.

His cellphones colleection

Samuel never put a cellphone in the trash. It led him to have a collection of 400 cellphones according to one of his siblings. A crazy number especially when one of his former coach told to press that Samuel doesn’t even know how to send a text!


Back in 2009, he celebrated Cameroon qualify for World Cup in South Africa by paying a €33,500 watch to all his teamates! A gift that didn’t help Lions Indomptables to qualify for competition’s second leg.

His Ferrari

Proud owner of a large car collection including a Bugatti Veyron or a Xenatec 57 Cruisero, Samuel Eto’o bought in 2014 a Ferrari LaFerrari for €1 million!

A jacket

Recently invited on TV, Samuel Eto’o wore a €62,000 crocodile leather jacket! This time the lion surpassed the crocodile!

samuel eto'o.

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