SA Lyricist Lil Red Sizzles onto Jo’burgs Radar

Female rapper steps out of Da Les’ shadow and launches a solo career

South Africa now has it’s very own Iggy Azalea!

Lil Red is a flaming hot local talent who is making a leap from professional dancing to the SA hip hop/R&B scene as an emerging female rapper. Since her upbringing in the competitive world of dancing, Britt Rubin aka Lil Red has embarked on a musical journey that has propelled her directly into the welcoming entourage of Jozi hip hop game-changer Da Les, as his dancer-turned-protégé.

Britt recently premiered her “Million Miles” music video at an SA nightclub and TRACE was there to witness her star-power firsthand. Using the expertise of music producer Emblazon, who has worked with Da Les and Kuli Chana, Lil Red set tongues wagging with the flawless visuals in her new music video. Being the first musical project for Lil Red, Emblazon challenged himself on “Million Miles” and dropped a melodic R&B chorus to perfectly compliment her youthful rap tone.

After her music video debut, TRACE caught up with the rising star, who described herself in relation to her craft as the embodiment of ‘art imitating life.’ Lil Red speaks directly to her listeners and vocalizes the limitless number of dreams they are capable of making a reality with the right drive and mind-set.

Being a prime example of a South African youth ready to cross all boundaries and ensure that her goals are achieved, Lil Red says: “I want to be in a position to appeal to the youth, but also be taken seriously as a rapper by the hip hop community at large.”

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