Ryan Lochte wants to be a fashion designer

Ryan Lochte is a real artist in the pool, but the soon to be 28-year-old is already considering a new career path. According to the New York Times, the three time Olympic gold medalist can really picture becoming a fashion designer, he previously stated “I want to be different, and fashion gives me that outlet to do that.”

The American swimmer already has his own unique style. During the medal ceremony at the 2011 World Championships in Shanghai, Lochte wore  diamond-studded grillz. This fashionista owns over 130 pairs of shoes and has even made his designing debut, creating a pair encrusted with emerald green rhinestones to go with his Speedo swimming trunks. He was unfortunately not allowed to wear the shoes at the Olympic Games. But no matter, the main thing in London will be to make an impact in the pool, and his face-offs with Michael Phelps are set to be epic!

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