Ryan Leslie working on rap album

Ryan Leslie is known for his productions, smooth vocals, but who knew he could rap? The R&B crooner recently revealed to Bullet Magazine that his upcoming third album, “Les is More,” will feature more rhyming than singing.

“Les is More is a rap album, and I want to control everything on it. I’m writing all the lyrics, and I’m producing the record, too,” Leslie told the magazine. “As far as collaborations, I’ve been playing records for some people– 50 Cent, Kanye…I’m going to send a song to Pusha from the Clipse, too, and we’ll see who wants to get on it.”

This is unexpected, but it should be interesting. “Les is More” is scheduled to drop on July 4.

Check out Leslie’s rapping skills on the recently released track, “Breathe.”

By Brooks Newkirk

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