Ryan Leslie stolen laptop

If you are one of our readers and you happen to live in Germany and you know who stole or who might be in possession R&B singer Ryan Leslie stolen laptop, then you are one step closer of hitting the JACKPOT.

According to media reports, while touring in Germany last month the singer lost his beloved computer from his rented black Mercedes. So to show his appreciation for the device that contains unreleased songs and music, the singer decided to sweeten the deal from the $20.000 that he first offered. Indeed after many failed attempts at recuperating the precious gadget, the singer is now offering $1 million to whoever can reunite him with his lost item.

To his many followers the singer twitted, “for the record, I had so many amazing music & visual projects on that MacBook that I was working on to share with u this winter.”

Also stolen from the car back’s seat was a bag containing $10.000 in cash and his passport.

For any information regarding the stolen laptop, send an e-mail to ryanleslielaptopreturn@gmail.com

For more details click the video bellow

By Valerie Varasse

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