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Singer/Producer Ryan Leslie recently sat down to talk to TRACE about his upcoming album, “Transition.” However, curiosity runs high when it comes to this R&B artist’s transition from life dating “Official Girl” singer Cassie Ventura to a life of bachelorhood.

Ryan and Cassie were first linked publically in 2006 when Cassie appeared on the music scene with her debut single “Me & U.” Ryan, who was dating the former model at the time, wrote and produced the single and played a key role in the early stages of her musical career. He helped to land the young beauty a deal with Bad Boy Records. He wrote and produced her debut album. He connected her with Bad Boy CEO Sean “Diddy” Combs. Then things got fuzzy. Before we knew it, the up-and-coming couple was no more.

Rumors started (and continue) to fly about Cassie and Diddy’s secret romance, graphic nude pictures of the starlet began to surface on the internet, and in what seemed to be one big middle finger to public perception of her, Cassie shaved off one quarter of her hair in early 2009. Three years and countless post-Ryan rumors later, 23-year-old Cassie is still down with Diddy and is one of the most recognizable faces on Bad Boy.

Despite any past drama (real or fabricated by the public), Ryan seems to have no animosity towards his former flame. When the nude photos of Cassie leaked, some speculated that Ryan, embittered because he lost his girl, was the source of the leak. When referring to his ex, however, Ryan is nothing but respectful. In fact, “beautiful, charismatic, vivacious and sexy” are the exact words he uses to describe her.

Although Ryan didn’t do any of the production on “Electro Love,” Cassie’s latest album (in stores soon), it’s not because there’s any bad blood between them. He says he’s more than willing to work with her again. “I actually spoke to Cassie a couple of days ago,” he remarks. “This album she really wanted to go in a direction that was different than the music that I make and I wanted her to have that artistic freedom to express herself the way she wanted to,” the Harvard grad said. “Whenever she’s ready to work again if she wants to come and revisit and collaborate, my studio’s wide open,” he finished. Sounds like an amicable split.

Written by Shaira Brereton

Check out the full *Ryan Leslie on Cassie *clip below:

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