It’s not easy to stay true to a genre of music that so much of the world has yet to experience. Barbadian soca artist Rupee has experienced this problem first hand. The artist brought massive attention to the southern Caribbean genre when his hit “Tempted to Touch” gained world-wide success back in 2006, but since then he has had trouble staying true to his roots while trying to gain global exposure. “Sometimes I feel as though I could cheat on soca and give in to the lure of going straight pop, R&B or even alternative; I dabble in all of these styles but soca is what made me who I am,” Rupee has said.

But Rupee is finally back to break international success with two new releases, this time doing what he does best. “Traveling the world and seeing how our music uplifts people, seeing a reflection of the love I get in the West Indies transcend to different cultures and races, is what keeps me faithful and fuels my mission to make the world fully embrace soca,” Rupee says.

Rupee’s first single, “All Night Long,” is a romantic tune that sees the singer in a comfortable place–making songs for the ladies. The song has a mid-tempo vibe similar to “Tempted To Touch,” and is sure to be a fire tune for the dance floors. The second track, “Everybody,” is also a party starter, guaranteed to ignite any crowd.

Written by Michael Wash

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