Rihanna: shocked by the secret child of Chris Brown!

According to TMZ, Chris Brown is the father of a 9-month-old girl born of his secret union with a model named Nia! The child would have been conceived in September 2013. At that time, the love life of the rapper was difficult to follow, once Rihanna, once Karrueche … But finally the singer of “Loyal” has his heart set on the 26 years old model…

If ever since the couple leads a complicated relationship between the “Love you, love you nots” and Chris troubles with the justice, Karrueche has always supported her bad boy, saying she was ready to marry him even though he went to prison. But faced with this surprising news, the young woman decided to officially stop this tormented relationship through her Twitter account:

“Listen. One can only take so much. The best of luck to Chris and his family. No baby drama for me.”

Apparently unaware of the existence of this child, Karrueche was also taken for a fool. In fact, the child’s mother is not a stranger to her.

TMZ found a picture where we can see Karrueche posing with her arm around Nia‘s neck at a party in Las Vegas. One of her best friends, Christina Milian, was also here and so was Breezy who has not been a very good boy that day. The pictures were taken in May 2013 a few months before Nia was pregnant.

If the singer has still not commented on the topic, a source close to him declares that “he is happy to be a dad” and that “he wants to be present in the life of his daughter!”

Rihanna shocked by the news is convinced that he will fulfill his father’s job. If she has read the article several times before digesting the news, she thinks “ Chris will be a good father and take care of his little girl. That’s a big responsibility and something that requires a lot of work, energy and love. She wishes him all the best in this new and very important chapter in his life”, said a source to Hollywood Life.

Do you think Chris Brown will be a good father?

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