Rihanna: She said NO to a 60 million apartment for lack of space for her shoes

New York, somewhere on the 57th Street, the famous luxury brand Fendi opened its new store, and in the tradition, the stars were here for the party. We saw among other Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour and Rihanna; glass in hand and dancing as usual. Asked about the huge building where they attended the evening festivities, the star made an incredible revelation…Invited to promote a line of handbags that she co-designed with the brand, Riri would not have missed the VIP party hosted by Fendi last Thursday night. High in the sky at the 83th floor of the brand new building One57, the brand has left nothing to impress its guests. A breathtaking view on Times Square and the city, champagne for everyone and everybody who is somebody was here.In the evening, a reporter from the New York Times asked Rihanna what she thought of the building and its apartments for $60 million the unit “Have you ever been this high in a building before? You know, 83 stories high? “. The Bajan Queen laughed at the question before admitting “We were talking about the apartment earlier. I didn’t get to see all of it.” The reporter continued “But $60 million?” “The view is priceless,” she said. “But I need the closet space.” She said before joining Karl Lagerfeld who was showing his cat on his phone to everybody in the attendance.$60 million, but no space for her wardrobe? Sometimes we want to drag them stars to the lobby! But yes Rihanna is a woman first then a superstar. What’s the interest to have such a beautiful apartment but not being able to store all your clothes…Do you think that Rihanna’s asking for too much?

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