Rihanna pokes fun at Jermain Defoe

Rihanna loves football, but what she loves even more is poking fun at footballers. The songstress gave a concert in London mid-November which English player Jermain Defoe attended with a few friends.

A huge Rihanna fan, he wanted to meet her backstage. Mission accomplished! He met the singer in her dressing room. She welcomed him with a hug and rather odd words : « Oh Jermain, you play for Arsenal yeah ? I’ve heard all about you. » Defoe is in fact a striker for Tottenham, Arsenal’s archrival. But the singer was kidding of course. After leaving Jermain and his friends speechless, she added: « Gotcha, Only joking. You’d look great in red though. »

So Jermain, you get the message. To have a chance with Rihanna, he’ll have to side with the enemy and sign with Arsenal during the next transfer window.

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