Rihanna : photographed with Leo !

The two celebrities have not made their relationship official yet but new leaked pictures could finally confirm it. Increasingly close,RihannaandLeocan no longer hide from the paparazzi.

On February 20,Rihannablown her 27th candle. For the occasion, a party was organized with the help of her new boyfriend, actorLeonardo Dicaprio. If many have wondered about actor’s presence, the answer is… yes, he was there! It’s on a pictiure unveiled by Tmz that we discover the couple for the first time photographed in public. If the shot is not clear, we can distinguishLeo‘s beard. On a second image, our Baja Queen and her prince are dancing together. A source says the couple was very close and they even kissed each other.

It’s been 3 months that the couple have been dating. The two stars multiply meetings: between parties who do paces, Valentine Days, andRihanna‘s birthday, their relationship seems to be no doubt!

So the question is, when they gonna make it official?

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